Where Do I Begin?

I have been overdosing myself with Korean dramas these past few weeks to temporarily get out of a dark world. A world where  problems about career, money, aging parents, cranky daughter and oblivious husband dampen my spirits day after day. If I try to think about solutions for that I might just go crazy so might as well create a bubble to free myself from my worries, frustrations and fears.

Last night I dreamed about Glen. It was a long dream and it looked real. But when I woke up I can’t remember the details. Now that I’m trying to think harder, trying to remember harder, the more I can’t. Perhaps no one will read about this blog anyway, or someone might get in here by chance but just move to another blog and won’t take interest in the things that a lonely woman like me has to say, but if by chance a little spark of interest developed in you, please follow my blog as I share with you the memories of Glen whom I hold dearly in my heart.


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